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About JDLF

Jo Daviess Local Foods is an online farmers' market that started in 2018 with just seven producers. Since then, we've grown to include nearly forty producers, depending on the time of year. We deliver throughout Jo Daviess County to nine different pickup locations. We also have two pickup locations in Carroll County, and one pickup location in Stephenson County.

Erin Keyser is the JDLF market manager. She loves promoting local food, helping producers make a living, and connecting with all the locavore customers. Use the contact info at the bottom of the website if you have questions for Erin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order on the JDLF shopping page?   

Simply create a free account with a username and password. There is no membership or subscription fee. We do have a $2 pickup fee for orders, or you can choose a $10 home delivery fee. Shop anytime between Friday at noon and Monday at noon, and your food will come on Tuesday! When you place an order, you should receive a confirmation email with the time and address of the pickup location you have chosen.



2. I added items to my cart, waited a day or two before placing the order, and then some of the items disappeared from my cart. What happened? 

Unfortunately, placing items in your cart does NOT reserve them. The items are only deducted from the website's inventory when you confirm the order. To make sure you get the items you want before they sell out, confirm your order right away! You can always come back and add items, delete items, or even cancel your order up until Monday at noon. Credit/debit cards are not charged until Tuesday night, when we're sure you received everything you ordered. 

3. I'm having trouble finding items on the shopping page, and I don't want to scroll through all the items. 

On the shopping page, you can search by producer, by category, or by key words. This should prevent lots of scrolling.  

4. Do I return the t-shirt bag my order came in? And what about these jars?  

Yes, please return your t-shirt bag. We wash them each week and reuse them so we can limit our packaging waste. If you ordered something that came in a glass jar or bottle, you can return the empty jar to the delivery person to receive a credit ($0.50 per jar, or $1 for a spray bottle or soap dispenser). Just make sure your name is somewhere on or inside the jar/bottle so we can credit the right person. Christ in the Wilderness reuses the plastic clamshells her baked goods come in, so those can be returned. If your order came in a box, feel free to return the box, and we will happily reuse it. Unfortunately, we are not able to reuse egg cartons, paper bags, or plastic bags.  

5. How does home delivery work? 

We offer home delivery to most of Jo Daviess County, but please check with Erin first to make sure we have a delivery person in your area. If you aren't home at the time of delivery, you will probably want to put a cooler outside your house so items are protected from the elements

6. How can I use my SNAP/Link card on the website? 

The website cannot directly accept SNAP cards, but Erin can manually process them. Please email her your SNAP card number, plus the pin number. The website won't let you confirm the order unless you have a debit/credit card on file (which you would need if you have any non-SNAP items). If you don't want to add a debit/credit card to the website, Erin can confirm the order for you, but you will need to email her with that request. Each week you want to place a SNAP order, just send Erin a quick email to remind her that you have a SNAP order, and she will make sure to process it correctly. Cards are processed Tuesday night, once we know you received everything you ordered. 

7. What is the Link Match program? 

If you have a SNAP card, you are eligible to participate in the Link Match program. For every $1 spent with your SNAP card, you earn $1 worth of fresh fruit/veggies for FREE. For example, if you buy $15 worth of meat, eggs, dairy, bread, etc, you would earn $15 worth of free fresh produce. Erin tracks this information each week and will deduct the cost of the produce from your SNAP order automatically, so you don't need to contact her to get the Link Match discount.

If you experience technical difficulties at any point, or you have a question that isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact Erin. Thank you for your interest in JDLF!

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