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We bring local food to you!

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We're more than just an online farmers' market...

JDLF's mission is to expand access to sustainable local food for the benefit of the community, the environment, and the local economy. Our SNAP customers can receive Link Match vouchers for free veggies, because everyone deserves healthy food. 

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Quality Ingredients

Our food is fresh, rich in nutrients, and delicious. Plus, you are reducing your carbon footprint by shopping local!

Healthy Meals

Shop seasonally from all the food groups, and get unique items you won't find in the grocery store.

Order On the Go

Order from home or while on the go, anytime during our buying window, Friday noon to Monday noon.

Tuesday Delivery

We have 12  pickup options to choose from, and we offer home delivery to most of Jo Daviess County.


Little farms make
a big difference...

JDLF helps producers work together to meet the growing demand for local food. Instead of you driving all over the countryside to buy from different farms, we collaborate to bring the food to you. There is no minimum order, and no requirement to order every week. Simply buy what you want, when you want. 

Every time you buy from local farmers, you are voting for a local food system. This may seem like a small thing, but it can add up to have a big impact. The more we commit to buying local, the closer we come to creating a strong local food system that benefits this planet and its people. 

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We deliver!

We deliver to the following pickup locations every Tuesday:
Apple Canyon Lake:  5:00 pm at Firehouse Fitness Center parking lot.
Apple River:  4:30 pm (or later) inside Thriving Thistle Market.
Elizabeth:  4:00 pm at Elizabeth Community Building.
Galena:  4:40-5:00 pm at Irish Cottage parking lot.
Galena MedSpa:  5:15 pm in the MedSpa's lower parking lot.
Galena Territory:  4:00-4:15 pm at Shenandoah Riding Center lot.
Hanover:  4:15 pm in parking lot behind Great River Market.
Lena:  4:45 pm (or later) in front of Kate's house.
Mt. Carroll:  5:00-6:00 pm inside Big Miniature Farms store.
Savanna:  4:45 pm at farmers’ market pavilion (near Shiver’s).
Stockton:  4:45 pm at Spahn & Rose parking lot.
Warren:  6:00-7:00 pm on the front porch of Amanda's house.
Home Delivery: We can deliver to most homes in Jo Daviess County. Contact us to confirm details!

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